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Experience is worth a thousand words. Come in for a complimentary ½ hour consultation.

"The body is the shore on the ocean of the self."

                                     - Sufi, anonymous

Somatic psychotherapy is an experience-emphasis process, in contrast to talking only *about* things. 
Your well-being depends upon understanding the reciprocal relationship between your thoughts and your body's responses. As we attend to the matters you bring to therapy, I will help you to have more awareness of the ways your mind is continuously expressing itself through your whole body, not just your brain. 
Through increasing somatic awareness, you will come into contact with subconscious beliefs that are driving your life, and we will explore whether they are working for you or working against you. 
As we discover what is inhibiting you from a fuller range of experience and expression, I will guide you to learn new options for living, based on what you desire most for yourself.
23 years working with
individuals, couples, families.
Intern supervision.
MFT License #49924
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