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Essays on Somatic Psychotherapy
2017 published in
The Enigma of Changing Habits - You Have to Get Somatic
A Tribute to Deane Juhan's Job's Body

In 8 Parts


2016 published in

A New Development in Psychology: Adult Secure Attachment and Circling

Sustaining the Gaze Towards Interdependence 

A Somatic Psychology Perspective

in 4 Parts


2013 published in the Journal for Holistic Psychology, Volume II


Increasing Aliveness Through Positive Feedback Loops

Emphasizes steps to cultivate aliveness, and highlights works from ten practitioners/writers, such as Christine Caldwell (Getting Our Bodies Back) and James Kepner (Body Process). Available to read here in a PDF

Anam Cara Center

2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Berkeley, CA 94703




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